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Welcome to the Dark Victory Armory ON-LINE order page.  If you’d like to order armor online and pay via the paypal.com service we have installed this spiffy shopping cart for you to use.  Just click on the item you want and it’ll be added to your cart. PLEASE answer the sizing questions.   It’s necessary to give a good fit.


     5’ or less






    6’5” or more








    Bone Stucture

    Bird Bones

    Average Bones

    Heavy Bones

Armor - Sold as a Set
  • Complete Set of Armor Standard size 32”-36” $230
  • High performance armor that delivers GREAT price/performance.

  • Sizing modification for  Belt size 38-42 -  includes upgrade duffel bag, larger backplate - Additional $15
  • Sizing modification for Belt size 44-50 -  includes upgrade duffel bag, larger breast & back and larger shoulders & upgrade bridle leather belt arming belt (7+ foot) - Additonal $35

    Gender upgrade -Click the cup size if a female rig  is desired $10 upgrade.  This actually will specify a female pattern set that includes NUMEROUS changes from the standard set.  Click here to see the differences.



    Options to go with your complete set

    Butt plates (protect your rear from wrap shots) $10


    Tassets (protect your upper thigh below breastplate)$10


    3/4 grieves (upgrade in shin protection) $10


    Leg Doors (guards against wrap shots to thigh) $10


    Armor - Sold by the piece

       Standard Breastplate $70  M-L),

    Standard Breastplate $70

    The Dark Victory Chest is a solid and reliable piece of fighting equipment.

    XL 38-42 Belt size Add $10

    XXL (belt size 44-50) Add $20

    Female pattern Add $10    Select Cup size

    Butt plates Add $10

    Tassets Add $10

    Shoulders with 3 lames $40

    Excellent shoulder, collar bone, and upper arm protection

    Larger Pauldrons $10 (recommended on XL & larger)

    Extra pair of lames $10 (2 is maximum recommended addtion)


    Male - Vanbrace and Elbow    $40             

    Solid Stucture vanbrace and riveted elbow.

    Female (vanbrace is 2 inches shorter) $40

    Cuise, knee, Demi Grieve - A pair of legs $45

    Protective and light enough to sprint in

    Legs for female are slightly shorter in the thigh $45

    3/4 grieve replacing demi grieve - more shin protection $10

    Leg doors - more back/side of leg protection $10

    Smaller gorget $20


    Medium Gorget $20


    Larger Gorget (neck 19”+) $25

    Male - Pair of 1/2 gauntlets $25

    Riveted cuff and solid back of the hand protection

      Right hand only $15

      Left hand only $15

    Female -  Pair of 1/2 $25 gauntlets (80% of the size of male pattern)

      Right hand only $15

      Left hand only $15

    Other Cool Stuff you should buy

    Pair of Black Powder Coated Sword Baskets left and right $65

    Solid Steel protection  for both handsSolid Steel protection  for both hands

    Right hand - Powder Coated Sword basket $35

    Solid Steel protection  for your dexter hand

    Left hand - Powder Coated Sword Basket  - $35

    Solid Steel protection  for your sinister hand

    The Armored Rose - by Tobi Beck

    An exceptional text that address physiologic & physical differences between male and female fighters. - $20

    Perhaps the most authoritative book on the subject of female fighters.

    10 feet of Dark Victory 550lb cord - $2

    100 feet of Dark Victory 550lb cord - $10

    Top Quality Bridle leather arming belt for legs - $15

    Duffle Bag - for standard sized armor $15g -

    Duffle Bag - J Hoffa Edition $20


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